Immortal Egypt

Feb 22, 2024 | History, Videos

The ancient Egyptian civilization is one of the most remarkable in history, with its roots dating back to 17000 BC. The empire rose and spread over much of the eastern Mediterranean region, leaving an indelible mark on modern culture and technology. Professor Joann Fletcher has documented this journey in her four-part series, “The Road to the Pyramids” – a thrilling look into the rise and fall of one of mankind’s earliest civilizations.

The series begins by exploring Egypt’s nomadic beginnings, from 17000 BC until 3,500 BC when Egypt had evolved into a full-blown society with distinct culture and religion. At this point, Ancient Egyptians had already developed writing to record taxes and were constructing the pyramids of Giza that still stand today as monuments to their impressive engineering feats.

Following this Golden Age came chaos – widespread famine and civil wars that split Egypt into smaller city-states run by local leaders. But Egypt eventually recovered to reach its zenith under Pharaoh Amenhotep III, whose Colossi of Memnon remain symbols of imperial might even today. In this episode, Fletcher takes viewers back to a time when the pharaohs were worshipped as gods while struggling to control the growing power of their priests.

Finally comes Invasion – the last decline of the Egyptian empire due to internal strife against foreign forces such as Nubians, Assyrians, Persians and Romans before finally being annexed by Queen Cleopatra in 30BC. Despite its long descent into obscurity over two millennia ago, Ancient Egypt’s influence cannot be underestimated – nearly every aspect of our modern lives have been impacted by its legacy in some way or another.

If you want to learn more about Ancient Egypt and discover its many secrets first hand, then there’s no better place than Professor Joann Fletcher’s documentary “The Road to the Pyramids.” Join her on an unforgettable journey through time – from nomadic hunters all the way through powerful Pharaohs who built great monuments that are still standing today – and get lost in a world full of mystery and intrigue!

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