Immigrants For Sale

Sep 30, 2023 | Social, Videos

Immigrants for Sale is a compelling documentary that provides an intimate glimpse into the heartbreaking stories of families torn apart by the national immigration crisis. Directed by Brave New Films, it follows several individuals whose lives are caught in the crosshairs of an increasingly strict and damaging immigration policy. At its core, this film serves as an exposé on SB1070 – a sweeping anti-immigration bill passed in Arizona in 2010 that has since been adopted by other states.

The documentary reveals how this law is profiting from the suffering of immigrants and their families. It provides a unique insight into the money-making machinations of private prison companies like Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) – one of the main benefactors behind SB1070. By providing prisons with an influx of new inmates looking to be detained, SB1070 is helping to generate a staggering five billion dollars annually for CCA alone.

Moreover, it’s not just those profiting financially who are affected by these laws – there are real human beings involved too. Immigrants for Sale shines a spotlight on several individuals and families struggling to make sense of their precarious situation; spouses and children left feeling helpless at being so deeply impacted by such ill-conceived legislation. The film serves as a stark reminder of our capacity for cruelty towards those simply seeking better lives for themselves or their loved ones.

Ultimately, Immigrants for Sale should be watched by all citizens seeking to understand more about the immigration crisis we find ourselves in today. This documentary offers a clear window into the personal experience of families directly impacted by current policy and encourages us to question why such unjust laws exist in the first place. Viewers will come away with an emotional understanding on how badly change needs to happen and hopefully become motivated to act towards creating real reform on behalf of those less fortunate than they are themselves.

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David B