Ime Ego, The Bride Price

Jun 4, 2023 | Animals, Culture, Videos

Mercy, a young woman from southeast Nigeria, hopes to join her fiancé in Dubai to pursue her dream of a bright future together. But the marriage negotiations between the two families have caused tension and put Mercy’s dreams on hold. Dowry payments are an integral part of Nigerian culture, so it is no surprise that this practice has become a source of contention between Mercy’s family and her fiancé’s.

In Nigeria, dowries serve several purposes: they help in strengthening the woman’s social status among her family and community; they provide financial security for the bride; and they also demonstrate the groom’s commitment to providing for his wife-to-be. Nevertheless, due to the high cost of living in some regions of Nigeria, dowries can often be prohibitively expensive. Unfortunately, this practice has become a barrier that stands between Mercy and her future with her fiancé in Dubai.

This story serves as a central plot point in the award-winning documentary “Mercy Across Borders,” which examines how traditional practices such as dowry payments intersect with modern realities in countries like Nigeria. Through interviews with families involved in marriage negotiations and intimate conversations with Mercy herself, viewers are provided with an unparalleled glimpse into what it means to be a young woman caught between two cultures.

The documentary not only sheds light on important issues facing women today but also brings attention to gender dynamics within Nigerian society more broadly. We invite you to watch “Mercy Across Borders” and gain first-hand insight into Mercy’s unique experience at the intersection of tradition and modernity.

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