Imagine: John Lennon – The Definitive Film Portrait

Feb 21, 2024 | People, Videos

Imagine: John Lennon, a documentary of John Lennon’s life that is powered by Yoko Ono’s personal archives, is an intimate look into the life of one of the most influential and beloved musicians of all time. Taking its title from Lennon’s iconic ballad “Imagine”, this feature-length film sheds light on his anti-war activism and his musical accomplishments.

Beginning with rare footage of The Beatles’ performances, the documentary goes beyond the band to explore the complexities of John as a solo artist and activist. We see him in his own studio, recording songs that capture the essence of his fight for peace and hope. We get a glimpse into his optimism—despite occasional missteps—and an appreciation for his ever-growing legacy. Andrew Solt gives us an unbiased yet passionate look at John while utilizing extensive archival footage to provide a unique perspective into Lennon’s character.

This documentary is both inspiring and heartbreaking; it captures moments in history that often get overlooked but still make up part of who we are today. Anyone interested in learning more about one of music’s greatest minds should watch Imagine: John Lennon; it will leave viewers with an indelible respect for John Lennon’s poetic spirit and enduring influence on contemporary culture.

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David B