I’m A Child Anorexic

Nov 1, 2023 | Health, Social, Videos

The I’m a Child Anorexic documentary was filmed over the course of four months and offers an incredibly raw and emotional insight into the lives of those suffering from anorexia. It follows twelve children through their 12-week programme, with their video diaries and conversations providing an unparalleled look at the inner workings of this devastating condition.

The documentary captures how quickly and deeply society’s messaging about dieting, body image, and fat can influence these kids. Celebrities, peers, magazines, television shows – all can play a role in distorting young minds and leading them down a path of self-harm and malnourishment.

I’m a Child Anorexic provides viewers with an opportunity to witness first hand the struggles these children go through as they try to recover from their illness. We are offered a front row seat as we watch them move from dangerously underweight states to healthier weights during the course of the programme.

But perhaps most importantly, we see not only do they gain weight but also how their attitude to food changes as part of their recovery process. The question then becomes whether or not they can maintain this newfound healthy attitude when they return home – where societal pressures still exist to stay slim.

I’m a Child Anorexic is an inspiring documentary which offers profound insight into both the physical and mental trials that those struggling with anorexia face on their road to recovery. It is essential viewing for anyone looking to understand more about this complex condition in order to better support those affected by it.

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David B