Get ready for a harrowing ride on the fast lane- “The Hunt for Illegal Street Racers in Germany” documentary is coming soon to your screens! In some large German cities, illegal drag races have become a popular source of entertainment for the young and restless. It’s a deadly cocktail of souped-up cars and testosterone that can lead to some tragic consequences. Innocent bystanders have been caught up in the melee, and some have even lost their lives.
Thankfully, Rainer Fuchs and Alexander Schwarzer from Cologne’s police force are on a mission to put a stop to this dangerous practice. They are part of a specialized unit tasked with tracking down those responsible for turning the city into a race track. Join them on their thrilling patrol rides as they go the extra mile to keep the streets safe. Catch Mariel Müller’s gripping report on this adrenaline-fueled phenomenon, now presented to you in never-before-seen footage. Don’t miss the intensity and action packed into this one-of-a-kind documentary.