Iceman Reborn

Oct 31, 2023 | Social, Videos

The mystery of the Iceman is one of Europe’s oldest and most captivating unsolved murders. Found in remarkable condition, preserved in glacial ice, Otzi was a man who died alone more than 5,000 years ago, yet his body has been remarkably well-preserved since then. Thanks to this incredible preservation scientists and archaeologists have been able to make groundbreaking discoveries about a crucial period in human history.

Now, for the first time ever, paleo-sculptor Gary Staab has been granted exclusive access to Otzi’s remains in order to create an exact replica of the mummy. This replica will provide scientists with valuable insights into Otzi and his life during that era while also allowing the general public an unprecedented look into this ancient person’s life story.

Through painstaking research and meticulous detail, every nuance of Otzi’s facial features has been recreated from the shape of his earlobes to the texture of his skin. In addition to these revelations about Otzi’s physical characteristics, genetic analysis has also revealed some surprising secrets hidden in his DNA.

This new documentary from NOVA presents an unprecedented look at how modern technology can be used to bring history alive like never before. Audiences get a rare chance to explore ancient secrets hidden deep within Otzi’s remains as they follow this incredible journey and uncover some astonishing facts about our ancestors from thousands of years ago.

For anyone interested in human history or just looking for a captivating mystery story this unique opportunity should not be missed!

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David B