Iceland’s Blood Farms

Nov 29, 2023 | Environmental, Lifestyle, People, Videos

Two animal rights campaigners, Sabrina Gurtner and York Ditfurth, recently traveled to Iceland with a mission to expose the country’s controversial practice of “blood farming.” This practice involves taking blood from pregnant mares and using it to artificially boost reproduction in farm animals.

The pair was driven by their own personal commitment to stopping animal abuse and cruelty as well as their desire to raise awareness of this practice. Upon arriving in Iceland, the two surveyed the extent of the practice and conducted interviews with local farmers who were participating in the blood farming process.

What they found was alarming: not only are these practices unethical and cruel, but they have also been linked with increased health risks for both the mares providing the blood and their offspring. Furthermore, most of these farms lack even basic safety standards and regulation that would help protect animals from mistreatment.

In response to this situation, Gurtner and Ditfurth are releasing a documentary film titled ‘Blood Farm’ which tells their story of concern, research, activism, and advocacy to put an end to this cruel industry. The film follows the pair on their journey as they uncover more evidence of animal abuse at various Icelandic farms. It encourages viewers to take action against such practices by signing petitions or donating money to animal rights groups supporting better outcomes for animals all around world.

We urge everyone—animal rights activists or not—to watch Blood Farm and join together in demanding that blood farming be stopped immediately. For too long this problem has been hidden away – let’s do our part in making sure that changes now!

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David B