I Know I’m Not Alone

Nov 1, 2023 | Military/War, Political, Videos


The documentary “I Know I’m Not Alone,” directed and produced by Michael Franti, is an eye-opening exploration of the human cost of war in Iraq, Palestine and Israel. This film came about after Franti was troubled by the nightly news, which he felt only showed the political and economic cost of war without highlighting the toll it takes on everyday people. In response, he decided to create a documentary that would focus on those directly affected: doctors, nurses, poets, artists, soldiers and musicians.

In this captivating film, Franti travels to war zones with a few friends and his guitar to document what life is like for those living under occupation. With its combination of intimate footage and interviews from people across Iraq and Palestine as well as powerful musical performances from Franti himself, this documentary speaks to viewers of all ages. Using visuals, music and voiceovers that are both spellbinding and thought-provoking, it offers an unprecedented look into life in a war zone.

The film follows Franti as he meets with local professionals such as surgeons who have dedicated their lives to helping others despite the dangers they face every day; musicians who continue to write music in spite of restrictions imposed on them; victims of violence whose stories are heartbreaking yet inspiring; activists who dream of peace despite the odds; and many others. Through these individuals’ personal accounts we gain insight into how it feels to live in such extreme conditions while still managing to find joy and hope amidst heartbreaking tragedies.

This remarkable documentary captures not only what we see but also how we feel when witnessing what it’s like for those living under occupation. It’s an incredibly moving experience that will remain with you long after you finish watching it–one that you won’t want to miss!

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David B