“I heard her bones crunch” (*MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY*)

Jul 21, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Louise Smith’s case is one of the most disturbing true crime stories to come out of recent years. In what started as a safe haven quickly became a nightmare for Louise when she moved in with her two trusted family members, Shane Mays and another relative.

The upcoming true crime documentary follows this terrible story and brings all its details to light. The documentary takes an in-depth look into the events leading up to Louise’s disappearance and the consequences that ensued afterwards. By exploring the horror and tragedy faced by Louise, viewers are presented with a shocking story that they won’t soon forget.

Every week, two true crime documentaries air which coincide with each other to tell a complete story: one on Friday night and another on Sunday evening. With compelling testimonies from those closest to the case, this documentary offers an insight into what really happened during Louise’s disappearances and how it impacted everyone involved.

This brutally honest look into Louise Smith’s case gives viewers an unfiltered glimpse into a realm of darkness and despair. From in-depth interviews with family members to startling footage from the time of Louise’s disappearance, this documentary sheds new light on her plight in ways that no book or news story ever could.

If you’re looking for insight into one of the most harrowing true-crime stories out there today then don’t miss this intriguing documentary– it promises to be an eye-opening experience that will stay with you long after it’s over. Don’t forget to tune in every Friday and Sunday night for your weekly dose of truth!

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David B