Jul 9, 2023 | Crime, Videos

William Clyde Gibson III is the subject of this gripping true crime documentary that takes a unique turn from our usual content. Born on October 10th 1957 to father William Gibson Junior and mother Jeraline or Geri Gibson, he was the youngest of four siblings.

Gibson’s family had moved to New Albany, Indiana when he was two-years-old and it is here where his story truly begins. His father worked as a foreman at a tree trimming business while his mother worked in Sears, a department store.

The film follows the story of William Clyde Gibson III as he turns from an ordinary citizen into a notorious serial killer. It delves into the dark depths of why this happened – examining his complicated past and exploring what pushed him over the edge. The documentary also casts light on one of America’s most heinous criminals and shows how even death did not stop him from continuing his gruesome activities.

This eye-opening documentary provides enough chilling details to satisfy even the hungriest true crime fan and more than enough facts for viewers who prefer their documentaries with extra information. Whether you’re fascinated by criminal psychology or just interested in learning more about one of America’s lesser known serial killers, there’s something for everyone in this gripping piece of investigative journalism. So don’t miss out: watch Dark Case Documentaries’ serial killer documentary on William Clyde Gibson III every week!

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