Humanitarian Profit: How UN Workers Make Money From Former Coca Farmers

Oct 11, 2023 | Drugs, People, Social, Videos

Jochen Weise is working tirelessly to stop the production of cocaine in South America. As a UN employee, he has been instrumental in persuading 25,000 farmers to stop cultivating illegal coca plants – a feat that was made possible with a budget of almost $100 million from the United Nations office on Drugs and Crime. Through the newly-founded UN cooperation, these farmers are given loans and seeding materials to sow alternative crops like cocoa, coffee, and palm oil. The “alternative development project” has been successful in many areas, but why are there still coca farms that remain prosperous?
As the documentary unfolds, viewers will follow the farmers accused of working with the drug mafia and the UN personnel who are accused of enriching themselves in the name of goodwill. With dramatic twists and turns, the film will reveal the results of a research project that began in the plains of Peru and has now evolved into an internal investigation within the United Nations. Don’t miss the chance to witness how brave men and women work on both sides of the law to untangle the truth behind this dark and complex issue.

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David B