Feb 17, 2024 | Social, Videos

HUMAN, an acclaimed documentary directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, is a journey around the world to uncover truths about what it means to be human. Throughout 60 countries and 2000 interviews with people from all walks of life, HUMAN dives into conversations about love, joy, suffering, and the collective human experience.

The film delves into many topics related to humanity, including love. Through interviews with subjects spanning different ages and backgrounds, viewers can witness how love impacts the lives of individuals – whether deeply or lightly – while also exploring various forms of sexuality in its diversity. As one subject states poignantly: “It’s not the gender of the person I love that defines me; it’s the quality of my loving that defines who I am.”

Arthus-Bertrand creates a safe and comforting atmosphere for his subjects to express themselves honestly on camera. Viewers will recognize themselves in each individual story as they learn more about our shared need for connection. HUMAN is a reminder amidst today’s contentious society that we are all connected through our triumphs and struggles alike.

In conclusion, HUMAN is an eye-opening exploration into humanity that captures stories from around the globe with warmth and compassion. Whether you’re looking for an intimate glimpse at universal concepts like love or seeking comfort in knowing we all face similar challenges in life – don’t miss this award-winning documentary!

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David B