Human trafficking in Libya

Sep 2, 2023 | Crime, People, Social, Videos

A devastating reality plagues refugees in Libya, who are locked up in government-run and private torture prisons, tormented and even sold into slavery. They call it “Hell on Earth”. “They treat us like animals” says one survivor who escaped. But what goes on there? How did they escape? And how do they cope afterward? Those are the questions that the new documentary by Mariel Müller and Abderrahmahne Ammar sets out to answer.
The filmmakers investigate by speaking to refugees, still languishing in Libyan jails, as well as those brought to safety in Niger. They also interview a man implicated in refugee trafficking who knowingly sells migrants to torturers. The resulting story is a heart-wrenching, insightful account of the unimaginable conditions faced by refugees in Libya, and the challenges they encounter in trying to escape and rebuild their lives.

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David B