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Oct 20, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Located beside the Rhine in Cologne, and spanning an impressive 840,000 square meters, lies the Ford Niehl Factory. Once home to bustling factory workers lining the assembly line to produce vehicles, it now boasts a new era of car production. Over 1200 industrial robots take on the tasks completed by workers in the past, assembling 1000 new cars every day. With 18,000 employees, it is comparable to a mini city on the outskirts of Cologne. These new cars are exported to over 60 nations worldwide, showcasing the efficiency and quality that the Ford Niehl Factory is known for.
The implementation of Industry 4.0 in many factories has brought about some remarkable transformations in the industry. Integrated processes and production facilities have allowed Bosch, Gira, Seltmann, Deutz, and other companies to boost their productivity and produce products that can compete on a global scale. The latest robots, machines, and technologies have made it easier than ever to produce everything from commercial vehicles to semiconductors, to everyday objects.
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