How your Zoom call could help save the climate

Sep 18, 2023 | Environmental, Technology, Videos

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated just how much of our lives can be done from the comfort of home, with remote working and video calls replacing physical meetings and conferences. While this shift may save us time and money, what about emissions? How much of an environmental impact does it actually have? And how else could we be doing more to reduce our carbon footprint while still enjoying the convenience of our homes?

In order to answer these questions and explore the potential of a greener lifestyle, a new documentary – The Homebound Movement – seeks to provide guidance on how to transition homes into more sustainable places. Through interviews with leading experts in sustainability, The Homebound Movement examines how changing our everyday habits can lead to significant positive changes in the environment. It also delves into the latest technological advances that enable us to live green while staying connected with each other and the world around us.

It’s no secret that humanity is facing immense environmental challenges, but often it feels like there’s not much one person can do about them. With The Homebound Movement however, viewers will learn practical tips for their own lives and gain a better understanding of why it’s so important for us all to take responsibility for our planet. So if you’re looking for inspiration on how you can make your home a greener place without sacrificing your convenience or quality of life, then this documentary is a must-watch!

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David B