How Video Games Changed the World

Oct 26, 2023 | Technology, Videos

How Video Games Changed the World is a one-hour forty-minute documentary special from the creator of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker, that explores the 25 most influential video games ever made and their incredible impact on our culture.

From Atari’s Pong in 1972 to Twitter in 2010, we follow this remarkable journey of technological innovation and its widespread influence on our daily lives. With interviews from Jonathan Ross, Dara O Briain and leading game designers such as Will Wright and John Romero, How Video Games Changed the World offers a unique insight into how gaming has evolved from a simple arcade pastime to an art form in its own right.

This documentary takes us back to seminal titles such as Space Invaders, Pacman, Super Mario Bros and Street Fighter 2 – all of which have shaped popular culture in their own unique way. We also revisit some of the controversies facing video games at the time – such as Lara Croft’s alleged objectification – while highlighting more recent successes such as Wii Sports, Braid and Angry Birds.

It’s not only about entertainment either; with titles such as The Sims or World of Warcraft sparking new ways to communicate and collaborate online. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a true connoisseur, How Video Games Changed the World provides an enlightening look at how much these creative inventions have changed our world for better or worse. So why not take some time out of your day to sit down and watch it?

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David B