How Ukraine Breaks Free From The Russian Church | The Orthodox Split

Nov 19, 2023 | Political, Religion, Videos

The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has caused irreparable damage to the centuries-long relationship between the Ukrainian and Russian Orthodox Churches. The Kremlin used religion as a weapon to justify their heinous acts of war crimes, genocide and torture of priests. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church even went as far as blessing the murder of Ukrainians, who were once considered their brothers.

Through this conflict, Ukraine was able to break free from the Russian Church, resulting in one of the biggest religious splits in history. This split has affected nearly 30 million believers in Ukraine and has been a permanent wedge in the church. In this documentary, viewers can gain a deeper understanding of the factors that caused this event and the impacts it has had on Ukraine and its citizens.

With insightful interviews and eye-opening footage, “The Orthodox Split: How Ukraine Breaks Free From The Russian Church” depicts the struggles that Ukraine has faced in its efforts to survive and uphold its values. The documentary reveals the harsh reality of war and dissects the religious propaganda used as a tool for warfare. It highlights the power of religion in political conflicts, and how it can be exploited to divide people and incite violence.

Through this film, viewers can learn how religion and politics intersect and how it can have a significant impact on the world. The documentary provides an important lesson on the need for greater understanding of the complexities of religious and political issues. So, if you want to gain a deeper understanding of the events that led to this religious divide and its consequences, watch “The Orthodox Split: How Ukraine Breaks Free From The Russian Church”. It is truly an eye-opening experience that everyone should see.

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David B