How TV Ruined Your Life

Apr 9, 2022 | Comedy, Videos

“How TV Ruined Your Life is a Comedy serial in which Charlie Brooker uses a mixture of sketches and jaw-dropping file footage to research a disengagement between real world and telecasting.

Ever wondered why life doesn’t measure to those young grand anticipations? From passion and money to fright and advancement, Charlie Brooker researches a different general subject weekly as this six-part serial tries to explain where it all went wrong and the best way wildly the TELECASTING and flick idealistic disagrees from life’s grisly realness.

Taging the purpose in which the excited daydreaming’s of TELECASTING and the sorry realism of real world collide, the serial utilizes a intermixture of archive footage, sketches and consultations which might have you wiping away teardrops of laughter while nodding in acknowledgement, this means that youll probably have your eye out if you’re not watchful.”

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Riyan H.