How Toxic Waste Is Dumped Into The Ocean | Lethal Cargo

Oct 9, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

Lethal Cargo is an astonishing exposé of one of the most shocking and terrifying criminal conspiracies of modern times. For over 30 years, Big Industry and the Mafia have been surreptitiously collaborating to dump hazardous waste under the Mediterranean Sea and in clandestine landfills in Italy, resulting in toxic pollution of the waters and soil around Naples.
In the documentary, viewers will discover the harrowing truth behind the thriving illegal trade in the Mediterranean; a dark world of death merchants where war refugees desperately flee across perilous waters on leaky vessels, hazardous waste is dumped into the ocean depths, and drug and weapon trafficking runs rampant. Shockingly, the governments that should be fighting to curb these illegal activities are themselves entangled in a web of corruption, casting a disturbing veil over the true scale of this crisis. Don’t miss Lethal Cargo – a stark and unsettling reminder of the risks our world faces from the forces of greed and criminality.

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David B