How To Sleep Better?

Feb 13, 2024 | Philosophy, Videos

The effects of poor sleep can have a devastating impact on everyday life, and yet many people do not understand the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. How to Sleep Better, presented by Robert Winston, is a documentary that examines how our lack of sleep can be the cause of so much suffering.

Recent studies have found that one in five motorway accidents are due to driver fatigue. This is largely attributed to lack of sleep, but also points to the dangers associated with not getting enough rest. In fact, a lack of sleep has been linked to disasters such as Chernobyl and the Challenger shuttle explosion – proving just how important it is for humans to get their recommended seven or eight hours each night.

How to Sleep Better looks at common problems associated with poor sleep, as well as offering practical solutions. The programme follows a group of self-proclaimed poor sleepers who take part in ‘sleep labs’ in order to pinpoint what is keeping them awake. Viewers can even join in on the interactive questionnaire and get tailored advice according to their own unique profiles.

By learning practical tools on improving sleep quality, viewers will come away with valuable knowledge in order to tackle their sleeping problems without having to depend on over the counter drugs. With high quality information and real-world solutions, How to Sleep Better provides an invaluable resource for those struggling with insomnia and other related conditions.

So if you’re looking for information on how you can improve your sleeping habits, don’t miss out on this eye-opening documentary – How To Sleep Better!

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David B