How to Kill a Human Being

Mar 26, 2024 | Crime, Videos

Michael Portillo, the former Conservative MP, pushes himself to the limit in an effort to investigate the science of execution. With the American Supreme Court taking a closer look into how lethal injection is affecting prisoners and causing them to suffer unnecessarily, Michael takes it upon himself to find a solution that is merciful.

In his new documentary series, Portillo considers an entirely different approach which has not been tried before – one which he tests out on himself. He goes through a variety of rigorous experiments where he puts his body and his life at risk. These tests are all conducted in order to form a complete picture of what execution by lethal injection may feel like. His findings provide viewers with crucial evidence on the matter and new insight into how executions should be conducted in a humane manner.

The documentary promises to be an eye-opening experience for any viewer who wants to understand more about the realities of execution and why this method needs to be done differently. In an effort to encourage people’s curiosity about the issue, Michael Portillo provides viewers with interesting facts and details that add depth and understanding to the topic. There are also interviews with professionals from forensic medical experts who offer their expert opinions on how lethal injection should be carried out without causing unnecessary pain or suffering.

This thought-provoking documentary dives deep into this highly controversial topic; exploring the limits of human endurance and offering new solutions for a more humane way of executing criminals. Join Michael Portillo as he takes us on an investigative journey that will leave you questioning every assumption you thought you had about capital punishment.

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David B