How to become a respected ballet dancer

Nov 20, 2023 | People, Videos

Pawan Kumar is a young man from a small village in Haryana whose dream to become a ballet dancer, clashes with gender norms and his family’s expectations for him to get a factory job. In the documentary film, we see how internationally acclaimed choreographer Ashley Lobo steps in to help Pawan on his journey towards his dream.
Under Lobo’s mentorship, Pawan unlearns what he thought he knew about dance and starts to discover what it truly means to be a ballet dancer. As audience members, we get a chance to celebrate with Pawan as he achieves small victories and overcomes major obstacles on his path towards becoming a professional ballet dancer. However, Along the way, we also witness the harsh realities of the ballet industry and its challenges, including the imposing barriers of gender norms that can discourage people like Pawan from pursuing their passions.

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David B