How the Rich World’s Electronic Waste Affects Poor Countries | Blame Game

Oct 3, 2023 | Activism, Environmental, People, Videos

Blame Game takes you on a gripping investigative journey into the world of global electronic waste disposal, where unscrupulous businesses, a lack of recycling investment, and gray areas in the law lead to wasted opportunities and environmental degradation.
In the gripping new documentary, you’ll learn how the world’s addiction to electronic devices has led to a waste crisis with no solution in sight. Discover how millions of tons of electronic garbage ends up getting exported to a toxic dump in Ghana, and see how scavengers struggle to survive in the toxic wasteland while trying to salvage what they can. With stories of dodgy dealers, politicized enforcement of existing laws, and everyday people living in hellish conditions at the dump, Blame Game is a wake-up call for anyone who cares about the environment and sustainability.

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David B