How the Criminal World of Sextortion Works | The Dark Web | ENDEVR

Jun 28, 2023 | Crime, Social, Videos

The Dark Web” is a gripping documentary that delves into the dark underbelly of the internet. Unfolding in two parts, it presents a world that exists beyond the positive facade of social media, communication apps and platforms. In part one, “Sextortion,” viewers will learn about an illicit practice that has emerged from the proliferation of such platforms.
Narrated in third person, “Episode one: Sextortion,” is introduced as the invention of one woman in the Philippines–Maria Caparas–who turned making friends online and recording explicit video chats into a dangerous and profitable blackmail and extortion scam. The episode sheds light on the anonymity and reach afforded by this dark corner of the internet, with Caparas’ apparent impunity leading to countless suicides. With an ominous tone, “The Dark Web” makes it clear that the internet’s dark side poses a threat to everyone’s safety, but one that remains hidden from most people’s knowledge.”

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David B