How Poaching and Wildlife Trafficking Works | Wildlife Trade Explained

Oct 15, 2023 | Animals, Crime, Videos

Unscrupulous investors and increased demand from Asia are driving endangered animals to the brink of extinction. The global trade in endangered animals has now become a lucrative billion-dollar industry, ranking third in the list of the most profitable illegal businesses. Despite worldwide crackdowns, poaching remains as rampant as ever, with well-organized international cartels exploiting rare and exotic animals for their own gains.
A riveting documentary, “Deadly Game of Power,” sheds light on this illegal trade, exploring the intricate network of global players operating in this deadly game of power, greed, and profit. Who are these players? What drives the demand for endangered wildlife products? And, as elephants, rhinos, and tigers edge toward extinction, what is the future of Earth’s wildlife? These are the critical questions this documentary sets out to answer.

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David B