How Narcissists Took Over the World

Oct 25, 2023 | Social, Videos

Narcissism, or narcissistic tendencies, have become increasingly commonplace in today’s society. This can be largely attributed to our collective fascination with the psychological failings of President Donald Trump, who has been widely diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

In response to this social phenomenon, Vice recently produced a documentary series called Chosen Ones which aims to explore it further and uncover its hidden truths. The show is hosted by journalist Gavin Haynes who visits with experts in the field while also taking several tests to assess his own narcissistic traits.

This insightful journey into narcissism sheds light on how insidious it can be. From those suffering from an extreme case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder to those simply exhibiting signs of self-centeredness, the film offers unique and valuable insight into how narcissism can affect us all. It shows us that no one is exempt from such behaviors and how even subtle changes can have significant impacts on those around us.

Chosen Ones offers an intriguing look at the complexities of narcissism and provides a valuable resource for anyone seeking more information on this topic. Through interviews with experts, personal reflections by Haynes, and intriguing examinations of his own results, this documentary allows viewers to glimpse the inner workings of narcissism in an informative way. So if you’re looking for a thought-provoking documentary that deals with modern social issues, then make sure you watch Chosen Ones – it will surely leave you enlightened and informed!

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David B