How Jack Black relates to the convicted killer he plays in the film “Bernie”

Dec 11, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Bernie Tiede, an East Texas mortician, has been in the spotlight since his involvement in the 1997 murder of his close friend Marjorie Nugent. Despite having admitted to killing Nugent, actor Jack Black, who plays Tiede in the big-screen adaptation of a true-crime documentary about this case, found something in Tiede that he could relate to. Jack Black was able to look past any differences and focus on the humanity within Bernie – illustrating the power of compassion even in difficult circumstances.

The documentary “The Mortician, The Murder, The Movie,” airing Saturday, July 22 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS, showcases the story behind Bernie Tiede and gives an up-close look into the murder trial that took place as a result of his actions. Viewers get an intimate peek into Bernie’s life before and after his imprisonment due to how he transformed from a beloved funeral home director into an inmate serving life for murder. This gripping story is sure to captivate viewers with its combination of love and tragedy.

This documentary promises to be both heartbreaking and inspiring as it delves deeper into why Bernie did what he did and how he was able to maintain strong relationships even after being convicted of murder. If you’re looking for a powerful dose of reality with a dollop of justice thrown in for good measure – then don’t miss this docu-drama when it premieres Saturday night on CBS!

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