How Its Made: Pork Products

May 17, 2022 | Food/Drink, Videos

We consume pork products on a daily basis. Pork meat, and pork products in general, are second on the list of most consumed meats according to statistics. The only more popular meat product choice is poultry, or chicken and turkey meat.

But very few people know how pork products are made. And while that might be good for some people who are disgusted by the idea of watching a documentary of meat production, some want to know how their meat is made.

The educational documentary is focused on the American pork industry, starting from processing to packaging. One of the main features of the American hog industry is the shift to larger operations. United States are the third leading producer of pork products in the world, and the world’s largest exporter of pork meat.

The most popular pork products are ham and bacon, and with the industrialization in countries in Asia, the pork industry has only gone up.

To understand what you eat, and how it is made, check the video. Chances are you do not know what bacon actually is.

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Riyan H.