HOW IT WORKS | Wine Glasses, Grand Piano, Water Tap, Soy Sauce

Jul 30, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Watching the documentary, How It Works, is an eye-opening experience. By focusing on four seemingly unrelated objects – wine glasses, a grand piano, a water tap, and soy sauce – viewers gain insight into the complex systems that shape our world.

The wine glasses featured in the documentary offer a glimpse into the production process of glassware, from molding and shaping to precise etching and decorating. Viewers learn about the intricate steps taken to transform hot liquid sand into delicate stemware – each step requiring expert skill and knowledge.

The grand piano segment showcases the impressive craftsmanship behind these instruments, from tuning and voicing to trichord scaling and chords inversions. We learn about how the precision of modern manufacturing techniques have been applied alongside centuries-old artisanal methods to create masterpieces that can stand up to concert hall performances.

The water tap section explores various aspects of hydrology, such as river engineering and irrigation technology. We see how developments in hydraulics have allowed us to use our resources more efficiently while still protecting our environment.

Finally, we’re given an inside look at soy sauce production in Japan, where fermentation is done in large vats over months or even years. The documentary highlights traditional farming practices such as hand-harvesting and natural brewing processes that yield some of the highest-quality sauces available on the market today.

How It Works is an educational journey through some of life’s everyday objects that reveals just how much science and technology goes into creating them. From glass blowing to piano tuning to water engineering to fermentation – this documentary gives viewers unique perspectives on complex processes most take for granted every day. Don’t miss out – watch How It Works today!

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David B