HOW IT WORKS – Windscreen Wipers

Nov 22, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Windscreen wipers play an important role in our lives, yet few of us take the time to consider how they are made. As a result, many people don’t appreciate just how complex yet durable these mechanisms are and how much work is put into crafting them.

To gain a better understanding of their design and construction, the documentary “How Windscreen Wipers Are Made” offers viewers a unique look at the process that goes into creating these essential gadgets. This informative look at modern manufacturing shows just how far we have come in terms of engineering and technology, as well as safety considerations that are taken into consideration when designing these components.

The documentary begins with an overview of the parts involved in building windscreen wipers and explains why certain materials are used and why different shapes can be beneficial. It then moves on to demonstrate how different styles of wiper blades are produced from raw materials before being tested for strength, flexibility, and durability. The camera follows all steps of the process, from start to finish, showing each step in detail.

The documentary also touches upon other aspects of vehicle safety — such as windshield glass — and why certain techniques may lead to better outcomes than others. Through interviews with experts in the field, viewers are able to understand why each part is important and why certain methods may be more reliable than others.

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David B