HOW IT WORKS | Whisky, Toilets, Cream Cheese, High Voltage Workers | Episode 8

Jul 2, 2023 | People, Technology, Videos

The critically acclaimed documentary ‘Whisky, Toilets, Cream Cheese, High Voltage Workers’ takes us on a journey into the often overlooked world of high-voltage power line workers. These brave men and women risk their lives daily to keep the electricity running in homes and businesses around the world.

The documentary follows these power line workers as they battle extreme weather conditions, climb towering structures and carry out dangerous maintenance tasks. Throughout the course of the film we get a glimpse into the unique camaraderie shared between these workers, as well as the unique sense of pride that comes with completing a job well done.

We also learn how whisky plays an important role in their job – providing calming warmth after tough days working in frigid temperatures or braving storms. It is also used to celebrate safety milestones and accomplishments. In addition to whisky, we get glimpses into how these workers use cream cheese and toilets while on the job.

Ultimately viewers are left with a greater appreciation for the hard work and risk taken by these dedicated professionals each day – something that often goes unrecognized in our modern world. We invite you to watch ‘Whisky, Toilets, Cream Cheese, High Voltage Workers’ to gain insight into this incredible profession and understand why these individuals have earned our respect and admiration.

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David B