The M60 machine gun is one of the most popular and famous guns in weapons history. Officially introduced in 1957, the gun is also known as the United States Machine Gun. There are several types of ammunition approved for the M60, some of which include armor-piercing rounds, ball, and tracer.

The nomenclature M60 describes the first adopted version of the gun. Over the years, there have been several versions and variations of the machine gun. Some of them are major variants, some of them are smaller variants and tweaks. Some of the models are even adopted for use on fixed mounts on aircraft.

The popularity of the gun doesn’t stop in military use. The M60 light machine gun also appeared in Counter Strike, a warfare video game.

The question we try to answer here is how the machine gun works? The gun has been in use for all branches of the US. And even though it was replaced with M240, the machine gun is still very much in use. The educational video tries to explain not just how it works, but also how it is operated and used.