How it Works : Radar Defense Syste,

Sep 20, 2022 | Military/War, People, Science, Videos

When you have well trained maintenance man, with a well-adjusted radar, at a well-chosen site, then you have winning team. Few people understand the value of people behind the radar system.

For most people in the world, radars are the machines and devices that track down movement and everything else. Radars are crucial not just for military technology, but for social existence as well.

However, few people know that behind every good radar, there is a great maintenance worker. This story is not about radars, but about the people behind the radars.

How radar defense system works is a question that the documentary tries to explain. Years of scientific research and millions of dollars go into the creation good radar defense system.

The documentary takes you deep into the behind the scenes action that happens in radar defense systems, deeply and thoroughly explaining parts, actions and everything needed.

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Riyan H.