HOW IT WORKS | Oven Chips, Swatch Watch, House, Jeans | Episode 5

Jul 31, 2023 | Food/Drink, Technology, Videos

Oven Chips, Swatch Watches, Prefabricated Houses and Jeans – these are all everyday items that we use in our lives. But have you ever stopped to consider how they come into existence? How It Works is a fascinating documentary series that dives into the details of these creations, tracing the processes involved in their production from start to finish.

Take oven chips for example: Did you know that the potatoes used for the chips have to be specially selected and sorted by robots before being washed and cut? That’s just the beginning of a journey which involves steaming, frying and then baking them until they’re ready to consume. The documentary provides viewers with an up-close look at this complex process, exploring all its intricacies in detail.

Swatch Watches are also given the same treatment in How It Works – from their unique design to the watch straps made from recycled plastic bottles – everything is covered in order to provide an informative look at what goes into creating one of these timepieces.

The documentary likewise delves into other creations like prefabricated houses and jeans as well. These productions involve huge teams of workers who work together towards making their final product – something that How It Works shows us in a way we’ve never seen before.

So if you’re curious about how everyday items like oven chips or swatch watches are made – or just want to learn more about what goes on behind-the-scenes of their production – then How It Works is a must-watch! Filled with fascinating facts and intricate details about various products, it’s a great way to gain deeper insight into our world today

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David B