Nov 9, 2023 | Technology, Videos

The iconic Danish toy, Lego, has been captivating generations of children and adults alike since its founding in 1932. From classic sets to advanced robotics and coding, Lego provides users with an infinite variety of ways to express their creativity. But how does this beloved toy actually work?

Now there is a documentary that will take you behind the scenes of the legendary Lego factory in Denmark, the birthplace of all lego sets. See How It Works reveals the secrets behind the creation of this beloved toy and provides an inside look at the people who make it possible. You’ll meet engineers, designers, and other experts who share how they bring these colorful bricks to life.

In addition to providing a fascinating look at the manufacturing process, See How It Works also celebrates the history and impact of Lego on generations around the world. Through interviews with Lego fans from different backgrounds, you’ll get a sense for just how much joy this simple plastic brick can bring across countries and cultures.

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about your favorite childhood toy or just want to get inspired by innovation and creativity, then See How It Works is a must-watch documentary. So be sure to check out this amazing film today!

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David B