HOW IT WORKS – Instant Coffee

Jul 27, 2023 | Food/Drink, Videos

Are you curious about how instant coffee came to be? Look no further than “How It Works,” the acclaimed documentary exploring the fascinating history of this ubiquitous beverage.
For those unfamiliar with the concept, instant coffee is a type of coffee that can be prepared quickly and easily. The process involves taking concentrated coffee and drying it out into a powder or granules. Then, you can add the powder to hot water and voila! You have a cup of coffee in seconds.
The documentary delves into the origins of instant coffee, which might surprise you. Did you know that instant coffee was first created by a man named George Washington around the turn of the 20th century? Since then, the creation and production of instant coffee has evolved quite a bit, becoming a staple in households all around the world.
So if you’re curious about the history of instant coffee and want to learn more, be sure to watch “How It Works” today!

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David B