How it Works: Fusion Power!

Mar 2, 2023 | Science, Short, Videos

In 1920s, the whole world and the understanding of the sun and the stars changed. In 1920, scientists proved that the Sun is actually a star, and can produce great amounts of radiant energy for million and millions of years.

The main question of the fusion power on Earth is “How to keep a group of hot particles in one place, without a pot”?

Interestingly, the fuel for fusion can be located in the common water. And to our good luck, we have everything that we need to produce fusion energy and fusion power in the common water.

To understand what fusion power really is, one must delve deeper into science and physics. But the simple equation is Einstein’s famous E=mc2, which is what happens when two atomic nucleus fuse to form a heavier nucleus.

When the two atomic nucleus combine, some of their mass is converted into energy, and this is where the equation E=mc2 comes to play.

Fusion power, and fusion energy in that regard has become the next frontier for physicists and scientists in order to produce sustainable energy.

In the short documentary, scientists try to simplify one of the most complex process to the point that the average Joe can understand it. Now, fusion energy might sound too complicated now, but in few years, fusion energy will be our common source of energy, thanks to fusion power.

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Riyan H.