HOW IT WORKS | Football, Samurai Sword, Sweetcorn, Books

Aug 30, 2023 | Technology, Videos

If you love watching documentaries that explore intriguing ideas and interesting perspectives, then you don’t want to miss the series “How it Works.” This documentary takes viewers on a fascinating journey that unpacks the mechanics and history behind some of the world’s most iconic and intriguing things.
Throughout the series, viewers will learn about the workings of a variety of subjects, from football to samurai swords, sweetcorn to books. Each episode explores the intricacies and stories behind each subject in a way that leaves you feeling informed and satisfied.
Football, for instance, is one of the most exciting sports in the world, but do you know how it works? This episode delves into the game’s history and mechanics to give you a new appreciation for the sport. The episode on samurai swords will captivate you with the story behind the iconic sword, and how it’s made.
The sweetcorn episode will leave you in awe of this simple, yet versatile food, with insights into its origin, growth, and uses. Finally, if you’ve ever wondered what goes behind the books we read, then the “How it Works” documentary will give you an in-depth look at the entire book-making process, from paper production to printing and binding.
So, if you’re looking for a documentary that’s informative, engaging, and thoroughly entertaining, then the “How it Works” series is perfect for you. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn more about the world around you. Watch this series and be amazed!

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David B