HOW IT WORKS | Fluorescent light, Garden tools, Toxic Waste, Nappies | Episode 32

Sep 16, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Have you ever been curious about the science that powers our everyday lives? In the new episode of How it Works, viewers are treated to an in-depth exploration of how different technologies and innovations influence our lives today.

For instance, the episode takes a look at fluorescent lights and the incredible amount of energy that can be saved by simply replacing three normal light bulbs with energy saving bulbs. Did you know that if every UK home did this, we could actually save enough power to light our streets for an entire year?

Moving on from lighting, garden tools are also explored in great detail. The world’s largest garden spade is a whopping 3 metres high and weighs nearly 45 kilograms – and it’s made right here in Britain!

The documentary goes even beyond this, delving into topics such as toxic waste disposal. Scientists have discovered bacteria called BAV1 that consume vinyl chloride – a chemical used to make paper and plastic – which is often found as toxic waste products.

Finally, we explore disposable nappies – an essential part of life for many families around the world! On average, each baby requires up to 5000 disposable nappies throughout their lifetime. This means that across the UK alone, 9 million nappies are being used each day!

If you’re intrigued by these topics and want to learn more about them (and so much more!), then don’t miss out on watching How it Works: Episode 32. Get ready to explore exciting new scientific discoveries, plus pick up some valuable tips on how we can all do our bit for energy efficiency and sustainability.

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David B