HOW IT WORKS | Euro coins, Recycled clothes, Parmesan, Cutlery

Jun 21, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Our world is full of extraordinary items that could be interesting to explore and discover. A documentary series entitled “How it Works” reveals how these items are designed, constructed, and produced using engineering techniques and technologies. From recycled clothes made from plastic bottles to coins designed to prevent counterfeiting, these impressive feats of engineering come together to create a functional and fascinating universe we inhabit.

In this series, viewers can take an in-depth look into the production process behind Parmesan – not just the pulverized version but the original great one as well. The intricate process of cutlery, which appears simple on the outside but has a lot more engineering involved than meets the eye, is also featured.

If you’re interested in exploring the wondrous world of engineering and technology, “How it Works” is definitely worth checking out. Not only does it shed light on some fascinating topics and processes, but it also brings us closer to understanding how much goes into these everyday products that we take for granted. For an informative and exciting experience unlike any other, tune in to “How it Works” today!

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David B