HOW IT WORKS | Corks, Mountain Bikes, Instant Coffee, Socks | Episode 2

Jul 22, 2023 | Activism, Social, Technology, Videos

Many of us have seen the documentary about the fascinating process of how cork is collected for use in wine bottles. From harvesting to manufacturing, this film gives a comprehensive look into the industry. But did you know that mountain bikes, instant coffee, and even socks are made from cork as well?

The process begins with harvesting sustainable cork oak forests in southern Europe. The bark is then transformed into a lightweight, durable material, using centuries-old techniques. The transformation includes boiling the bark to soften it and remove impurities before cutting it into thin sheets. This makes it suitable for an array of products such as mountain bike handlebars and shock absorbers, insulation for homes, fishing rods and fly lines for anglers, and even high-end flooring and wall covering materials.

Cork also has antibacterial properties which make it an ideal material for hygiene-related products such as medical equipment and baby teething toys. It can even be used to encase mobile phones or laptops! Another unique quality of cork makes it great for clothing items such as socks that absorb sweat quickly while remaining breathable. Finally, many people don’t realize that instant coffee is made with cork because its porous nature allows air to escape during the freeze drying process – preserving the flavor without affecting taste or aroma.

For those interested in learning more about this incredible product, we highly recommend watching this insightful documentary on cork production. Not only will you gain insight into the process but you’ll find out just how versatile this amazing material can be!

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David B