HOW IT WORKS | Condoms, Pool Table, Tinned Pineapple, Goldmine | Episode 9

Jun 20, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Have you ever wondered how different everyday objects like condoms, pool tables, tinned pineapple and goldmine are used? In a new documentary, viewers will have the chance to explore these objects in depth and learn more about their history and importance.

Condoms are perhaps one of the most recognizable objects discussed in this documentary – they are not only important for preventing unwanted pregnancies and STDs, but also for ensuring intimacy between partners. The film provides a comprehensive look into the evolution of condoms throughout history, from their invention in ancient Egypt to modern versions used today.

Pool tables also have a fascinating story that is explored in this documentary. From their humble beginnings as croquet-style games at royal courts, they have since evolved into a common item found in households around the world. The film examines the intricate technology behind pool tables and how it has changed over time.

Tinned pineapple is another object which features prominently in this documentary. Viewers will discover its long journey from South America to becoming an important part of Hawaiian cuisine, as well as its role as an essential ingredient for many European dishes. They’ll also learn about how tinning techniques are still used today to preserve fruit for longer periods of time.

Finally, viewers will learn about the history of gold mining and its impact on various economies around the world. This feature looks at both past and present gold mining operations, exploring the dangers associated with such activities as well as their positive effects on local communities.

This captivating documentary offers viewers an opportunity to learn more about these everyday objects and gain insight into their history and importance. So don’t miss out – make sure you watch “How It Works” today!

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David B