How It’s Made: Springfield Rifle

May 19, 2022 | Military/War, Videos

The Springfield rifle is one of the most famous sniper rifles in the army world. The model 1873 was the first standard-issue breech loading rifle that was used by the United States Army. Since then, the Springfield rifle has gone through several upgrades, but the basis of the rifle stays the same.

Nowadays, there are different types of Springfield riffle, including rifled musket, single-shot rifle, repeating rifle, and semi-automatic rifle. The term may refer to any of the types of riffles, but most commonly, the term refers to the Springfield Model 1903.

The riffle was made possible thanks to the invention of Thomas Blanchard. Thomas is the original inventor of the Blanchard lathe from 1822, one that was used in the first Springfield riffle.

The documentary takes a look at the condition that preceded the invention of Springfield rifles. Why the army needed m1 rifles with deadly accuracy? And how it came to life? Watch how the rifles are made. The high standard of a Springfield rifle is still the same, despite machines taking over the production process.

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Riyan H.