How it’s made: Gasoline

Jun 17, 2022 | Business, Economics, Videos

In the past year, gasoline has become one of the hottest trending topics around the world, especially with the oil prices going down. Everyone use gasoline one way or another, but do you know how gasoline is produced?

Of course you know that most oil sources are in Africaand the Baltics. And from the moment you are able to pour gasoline into your vehicle and use it as fuel for internal combustion engines gasoline goes through several processes.

It all starts with the crude oil being separated from the platform done by distillation. The separation process and principle is used when boiling water. As you know, when you boil water, the flavors can be condensed. The same principle is used for oil.

A single tower is used to separate petrol (gasoline), kerosene, fuel oil and other petroleum products. Gasoline, for example, is clear liquid derived from petroleum that is different from other petroleum products in density, clarity and other factors.

Gasoline consists of organic compounds, which are derived from petroleum, and then enriched with additives for better efficiency.

The whole process is thoroughly explained in this short and educational video, so if you like to know how the gasoline you pour into your vehicle is produced, check it out.

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Riyan H.