How is COVID-19 changing the way we die?

Sep 20, 2023 | Health, People, Social, Videos

In a world that has been ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, our experience with death has been dramatically altered. Behind Closed Doors: Life, Death, and COVID-19 is a harrowing documentary that delves into the grim reality of what it’s like to die of COVID-19.
Featuring the personal stories of those affected by the virus, the documentary explores the emotional toll of losing a loved one to COVID-19, including the heart-wrenching experiences of hospital workers who are forced to grapple with the realities of death amidst a global pandemic. From poignant interviews with grieving family members to heart-wrenching scenes of healthcare workers struggling to maintain their emotional composure in the face of immense adversity – this documentary provides a sobering look at the human toll of COVID-19. Don’t miss this thought-provoking film as we navigate the ongoing global crisis.

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David B