How halal products affect the economy

Jun 12, 2023 | Economics, People, Philosophy, Videos

For nearly two billion people around the world, halal isn’t just a term that refers to food. It’s an entire philosophy that influences Muslims’ lifestyle, everything from what they eat to what they wear, how they work, spend their leisure time, and even their love lives. The concept of halal is so ingrained in Muslim culture that it comes with its opposite: haram or “forbidden.”
In a world with a rapidly growing Muslim population, the market for halal products and services is on the rise. “Halal: More Than Just Food” is a groundbreaking documentary that delves into the fascinating world of halal and explores its influence on the global economy. From France to Germany, and all the way to England, halal is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the market, offering a wealth of potential economic opportunities. But as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry warns of the “Wild West” in the halal certification market, questions are being raised as to whether the use of the term “halal” is nothing more than a marketing ploy.
Join us in this captivating exploration of halal, and discover how this ancient philosophy is shaping the modern world. Get ready for a journey that will take you from the kitchens of halal restaurants to the boardrooms of global corporations, as we examine how the halal industry is driving one of the most significant economic and cultural changes of our time.

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David B