How Hackers Changed the World

Oct 24, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Storyville is a compelling documentary that takes viewers inside the mysterious and powerful world of Anonymous, the elusive hacktivist collective. Through interviews with current and past members, academics, writers, and major players in various raids, the film provides a comprehensive overview of Anonymous’s evolution from an underground group to a global phenomenon.

Starting as a group of pranksters with their own set of laws and code of conduct, they grew into a movement with followers around the world. They have become known for their use of civil disobedience through cyber-attacks on targets such as copyright infringement and police brutality. Most notably, they have carried out several “raids” against the Church of Scientology.

Though its members remain anonymous—hence its name—the collective has captured public attention for its bold actions. Storyville reveals how these hackers work together in solving large-scale problems affecting people all over the world. It offers unique insight into their motivations and goals while exploring how technology can be used to create social change. The documentary also explores how members manage to stay anonymous even while under scrutiny from law enforcement agencies.


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David B