How did the US Navy win the Battle of Midway?

Jul 11, 2022 | Aviation, Videos

The Battle of Midway was a critical moment that changed the course of the Pacific Theater of the war between the US and Japan.
he Battle of Midway was a clash between the American fleet and the Japanese Navy which marked a pivotal turning point in the Pacific Theater.
The documentary takes a look at the Japanese strategy and their unbroken string of victories in the first 6 months of the war from the Battle of Pearl Harbor to the Battle of the Coral Sea. At this point it has become apparent that control of the Pacific will be determined by aircraft carrier dominance.
Thus Admiral Yamamoto resolves to draw the American Fleet out of Pearl Harbor by launching a sneak attack on Midway.
However the US has already broken the Japanese codes thanks to Operation Hypo and knows of the incoming attack. Nimitz decides to set his own counter trap by sending his 3 aircraft carriers to point luck, just north of Midway to intercept the Imperial Japanese Navy.
The battle of Midway begins with Japanese planes bombing the Pacific atoll. American planes from the island retaliate with their own bombers and torpedoes throughout the morning. These score no hits but have the critical effect of delaying the preparation of Japanese aircraft.

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Riyan H.