How dangerous are microplastics?

Sep 11, 2023 | Environmental, Social, Videos

From snow-capped mountains to the depths of the ocean, microplastics are omnipresent. Created by modern society’s obsession with plastics, they pose a potential catastrophic hazard to our well-being and the environment we live in. Christian Laforsch and Seema Agarwal are trailblazing researchers tackling this problem head-on.Christian and his team from the University of Bayreuth use their state-of-the-art equipment to locate microplastics in water, the air, and farmland soil.

By determining how dangerous they are for humans and the environment, they aim to find a solution that benefits both. Meanwhile, Seema is developing organic-based plastics that biodegrade and reaching out to the chemical industry with the ultimate goal of preventing the creation of microplastics.Don’t miss this captivating documentary featuring the untold story of two visionaries operating on different continents yet united in their ambition to create a sustainable future for all.

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David B